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What Gift Am I to Give?

In your voice is a song in which my soul finds delight
Knowing of your sadness and hearing
that belly laughter rise in you
like water boiling over
after too long being still and cold
That inspires me!
Inside Iím doing cartwheels, silly, child-like,
spinning like a wild dervish--wild, though anchored
at the center point
Everything "else" is spinning to that whirling dancer
filled with the infancy of ecstasy
moving ever closer to the gateway
where form and all potentiality meet

Who am I to you, in this dream?
What gift am I to give?
Do you know the depth of your giving?
Yes, there is an opening
With every breath it grows wider,
with each moment in union, the gratitude builds
and unfolds the field for receiving
This is a dance--a dance around all feeling,
and through...
What animates the dancers is feeling itself,
expressing the freshness of this that is about to be born
A dance around the center
where a child remembered, is touched in joining
and begins to live again...
What gift am I?
To give!

© 2002 Matisha

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