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There Isn't Anything
We Can't Show.

Now, with all we've shared and exposed
there isn't any part that we have to hide
and keep away from the Embrace we all live for.

There isn't anything we haven't uncovered
in this dance of stripping ourselves of
what we've carried that is not who we are--
we remember, it is merely "how" we are in that moment.

No amount of conditional love will ever approach
the offering soul lives for.
It is in facing and embracing ourselves fully
that the deeper Self is revealed. Over and over
we have revealed, reveled in and concealed this deeper self.
Remember there is only One Call
and only One Calling...

Recall essence, and presence returns;
It is in recognizing (re-knowing) our true selves.

Dear Beloved One,
compost all our forgetfulness
to grow the Garden we have been given to attend to
with and in each other.

As we open as our true selves
everything else comes to partake in the
feast of loving.
As we remember our essence and innocence,
realms of space open for us to experience
and express the depth and vastness of
our living legacy of One...

There isn't anything we can't show.
All...once concealed, now revealed
with clarity as guide.

Witness the fullness in yourself,
even as a seed.
Witness the fullness in you and me,
given as a seed and returning in each of us--
given as a seed, carried on the current forever
to the shores of all Loving, where this garden flourishes...
Our living, the fruit of the Blessed One.

2002 Matisha

Poem by MatishaOh Grandfather!

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