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The One Love

Cheer us on as we move
from God to clod, to mud, to dud, to clay, to pray,
to be, to see, to live to give, to hope to cope,
to strange, to change, to conceal, to reveal,
from seeing a cyst to being able to assist,
to grieve, to believe, from struggle, to snuggle,
to dumb, to numb, to yum, to cry, to die, to fly,
to alone, to unknown, to shown,
to move from past, to last, to vast, to kiss, to this, to bliss,
to yearn, to turn, feeling full, full of feeling,
to burn with the one love for all, freely given and received
in the same breath, same act, same moment--HOME
is where we all met before this dream, extreme,
this flash, this bash, so sudden; we come, we go,
we reach, we teach as we show, we find we mind the slap,
a nap to rest the stressed, the map to read the freed,
to look, we shook and took what we believed would get us there,
to thrive, to arrive here with open eyes and realize
the map is on the face, of each one from each place,
in the eyes of every one who came,
trudged through guilt, to the hilt,
across a sea of shame and blame,
to find the kind, the one love in each and every one the same,
oh! so, grow, the rest of the way, the best of today,
right inside the place we hide,
the gift to lift and shift some more,
and stand in what we came here for,
three’s no crowd, we need to seed "the new,"
the fun, the love of one,
we only go as high as we go deep,
awaken first ourselves from all our sleep,
care and share, whatever is there,
the must is trust, the two into one, move and bend, know no end,
a blush, a rush, to the vast hush,
like the sand and foam,
only one place to be
for all the searching see...

© 2002 Matisha

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