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To Have and Feel

What is this friendship? What is its design?
What prayer gives an opening
to a nurturing so sweet and deep?
What but trust have I
when all the tears subside for awhile?
I asked for freedom, wholeness,
union with The One in form.
Shaken to my core--this must be preparation
for a living so grand!
Sometimes the child inside doesn’t like
the pushing and pulling,
life shaping me into human willow
moving with all change,
strengthened as spirit's vessel through this world.
This child sometimes, is not profound--it cries for
constancy of love, gentleness,
a peace--my task to have and feel
with each breath.

from The Beloved's Gaze - Page 26
© 1997 Matisha

Poem by Matisha, from The Beloved's GazeTo Have Found You Here & The Thought of You