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To Have Found You Here

You are so blessed--I am so graced
to have found you here, living in this world.
Being aware that you are on the planet
gives me a great, great joy.
Thank you Beloved One--You are my heart,
my breath deeper Home!
In the silence I am connecting, feeling our union,
I give myself to this,
merged essence as we touch...

The Thought of You

What was that evening?
It returned to me so much of who I am
on the inside.
That night an eternity, in the moments we touched,
candle after candle gave all the light possible.

Now here, some time and distance
from those blessing moments
with a mind that wonders,
a heart that remembers,
a body that quivers
at the thought of you!

from The Beloved's Gaze - Page 48
1997 Matisha

Poem by Matisha, from The Beloved's GazeThe Core of All We Feel

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