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This Longing Has Left Me

In the depths of my tears
your sweetness comforts me.
Out of control again, this longing has left me
with the paradox of closeness and distance.

Where ever I am, whatever I am doing
you are with me, living inside every sound,
every movement, every breath.
Overcome with emotion, I can only surrender.

During the day I walk as though
your hand is in my hand -- I imagine
how you would walk through these streets,
in that wilderness with me,
eyes alive with wonder -- your body is not here.
I donít feel alone or lonely,
yet this longing has left me
with a canyon in my chest,
wide open space for vast love to live.

At night, thirsty, I reach for water,
instead my hand touches your face.
No more thirst.
I reach to light a candle,
and your eyes luminous, light up this place.

In the depths, overcome, reaching,
this longing has left me...

Matisha ~ 5, March, 1997
© 1997 Matisha

Poem by Matisha, from The Beloved's GazeFuture Poem