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The Truth In Your Heart

You know the truth in your heart
and yet you have this longing to
be with a beloved who lives life with passion
and loving purpose; to share the journey with a
sweet kindred soul with eyes gazing beyond and back.
How beautiful is that longing.
Please don't spiritualize your desire...let it be
just what it is, let it burn brighter
so everyone sees you are true to love.

If you want something though, somewhere inside yourself
believe that very wanting isn't part of "the having"
then with what are you left?

Look at your many things
that you live with are there, born of desire?
How many things you think you don't want
are there from misdirected or inactive desire?
It is immense, what comes of this revelation!
There are over 100 lines of silence after this.

Said in another way, your longing is pure...breathe
and follow it to the love-realms where that
beautiful one was looking for you
and now having found you, tears of longing reshape,
reflect as jewels glistening with "the having."
Breathe the tones that bring out that song.

Did you follow your tears "all the way"
to that place they are living to take you?
You know the truth in your heart,
what power lives there.
(That was not a question.)

My dear, be aware of the mind that thinks
it knows what this reaching, what these emotions are for.
Let this dance be new, you know the steps
though, let it carry you
rather than you carry all that you have been
used to carrying into the dance.

Innocence knows you
very well can navigate to the new
that is so familiar...listen to that song.

I know how it can seem in the pain,
in the feelings of what's missing.
You have noticed and that is blessed.
Did you in all of your feelings
find a simple gratitude?
She is your friend with an eye for what is to come,
always reminding you of what awaits in this next breath...

Your soul and my soul
have been having this conversation
for quite some time now.

2003 Matisha

Poem by MatishaMystical Beauty

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