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Mystical Beauty

Hi Angel Friend,

Thank you again for the tones of Home you carry...
You bless by being...
~ Remember always ~

Your presence in this world is a gift to all life
as is being here a gift for you.
Beauty became more grand when you came here
Eyes that behold the inner dance keep the soul enchanted
So much has your heart called for the loving ones
you know as family, sacred kin
The iridescent jewel of essence in you
remains bright and pollished,
a beacon for others of like resonance
to walk toward, to wake toward...

Remember with full presence, who you are
and your days and nights will shine
with the mystical beauty many have mistaken for magic
Many will be drawn to be near you to drink from your cup
and so you will direct them to their own Source within

In gratitude
your presence here is awakening Love

Aloha BlesSings!

...Now read just the words in Bold

Matisha ~ 19 December, 2003

2003 Matisha

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