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No One Knows What It Is Like

No one knows what it's like to live as another.
No one knows what it is like to walk and carry
what another does, it is unique to us, the ways
each of us carries life and the made-up things
we think is life or thought was life.

God knows, that is why that One is Infinitely a
Loving Presence, everso kind, gentle and a most
tender Listener and Lover.
That One Loves and continues after all, you are
here as the result of such opulent Loving yes?

Only God knows what another feels and lives in's not a secret because it is kept a
secret by not speaking, it is a secret because
each of us live our soul signature in the world
and that is simply and profoundly unique to us.

No one knows what it's like to live as another.
That is why my Lord, my Love tells me to be most
tender with everyone...tells me if you cannot be
tender then walk away and practice tenderness on
yourself and on others from a distance.

I have been playing with that distance so long.
I have walked away many, many times and do reach
inside for the ways to stay as that most tender
presence with others, with be a true
lover, the one I am inside beneath what I thought
was who I am though, simply 'how' I am in a moment.

Each of you carry that Essence of the Magnificent
One, Radiant, Beloved, Powerful, Loving and Tender
that essence we all have longed for in our unique
and not-so-different ways.

2003 Matisha

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