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Oh Friend!

Do I start with the usual greeting or something unusual,
or allow the silence holding us here to sing its inviting song?
How to comfort, truly comfort the one in us who questions love
each time a little more time passes, questions if love is being
received, given, and sometimes, if it remains?

Love expressed between beloveds as we
lives on true, so sweetly, so deeply woven throughout my life
If you never spoke those words again--those words
of your heart's precious caring,
if you never spoke again
all my moments would forever contain the essence
of your loving--our loving

We in our hilarity in search of love and
the tragedy of not feeling it with a constancy,
have played out the personality's drama of loving and not loving,
feeling and not feeling, trusting and not trusting,
resistance and surrender,
until that pendulous busyness finds its rest at the center
where we met as that One expansive being

Take me back, don't leave, stay, leave,
me alone calling with all others to each other...
the words that carry the feelings, holding the memories
of the only separation we have sustained, replicated in our nervous systems as a place for love to land
and take off
all disguises

We have not failed
we have merely veiled
ourselves in a "dance of allowing"
we named "separation"--something that in truth
never happened

Matish ~ 20 October, 1998
1998/2002 Matisha

Poem by MatishaRunning from Love

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