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Running from Love

Breath by breath
an aching urge to meet and find;
Sigh after sigh
into the void that is
the heart of the unmanifest.

On the other side of this whirled,
the Friend watches in amusement
at our amazement...

You have a heart that wants to feel
and a mind that wants every job
within you to be its own.
That makes a mess,
one you will laugh at
once distance has brought
the closeness you have run from.
I'll say it again...this time, in silence.

Keep running, it creates a vacuum;
all the friends of feeling
you may not yet recognize
will follow...immensity of feeling
in that running!

In the moment you decide to love,
truly love what has been a challenge
to even look at, a celebration will ensue.
All are invited, as all know deep inside
when a heart smiles, it does so
in all directions...

For who has not at least secretly wanted
the Beloved to chase them down, shouting
how much they are,
how much they are wanted,
how absolutely lovable they are?!

Breath by breath
your little plans to find safety from love,
fall away, as you fall into the only safety
"within that presence."

The mind turns, back to clarity;
the same mind that worked overtime
in attempts to fill a need
outside of its expertise.
You awaken, warm from the chase.

Sigh after sigh
into your room, now larger,
vast to eyes that see through the walls
the very essence for which the soul calls.

In the mirror, with a look of surprise,
now lucid, here gazing in eyes
You say to yourself,
"I have been running
from myself--running from love."

2002 Matisha

Poem by MatishaThe Body Remembers

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