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A few days before she made her transition into the everywhere,
I wrote this poem to my Grandmother as a gratitude and blessing-farewell.
I got to read it to her in a moment we shared--rich, with emotion and full of Grace.

Of Our Grandmother/Mother/Friend

What can I say, or any of us,
to one such as you?
A lover so steady, constant, full,
and fully beautiful in her loving.
You have been loving me my entire life.
A love like that,
a flowering vine throughout the garden of my soul.
From early on my little eyes could see
how you delighted in loving me,
delighted in loving.

What could I say?
I have only to allow my heart to express,
the fountain that has grown
from the ocean of your compassion and caring.
These moments have only one guide: "letting go."
This, to be the one quality holding us
so that the gems of our love for you
can be fully seen,
shining through our most precious feelings,
all we say, all moments,
when no words are used to convey
the depths of the embrace your presence is in our lives.

Upon good fortune all my living rested,
to have you here.
May the blessings be
forever with you,
as you for us, and me.

What do I want to say?
Grandmother, I have said it.
Now is for loving you.
Now, is for loving you,
touching you, as your preciousness lives on with me.
What a sweet gift to be graced by one such as you.
How to impart the beauty you are,
what you mean to me?

From across a continent,
your face, as clear and fresh as the roses in this garden,
your soul as bright as the Sun's
dancing diamond-light on the water.
So clearly, I see you.
How can I let you know what beauty you hold?
What mirror am I, for you--Grandmother?

I pray you breathe these coming breaths
in the knowing and feeling of our love,
in the richness--the gift of your being here,
in receiving, truly receiving all
in which you are so lovingly held.
I pray we breathe with you, those breaths that bless.

Your freedom calls, and it is imminent,
this celebration--a celebration of your life,
and life has many, many colors.
Let us live those colors
in a freedom that needs no permission
to live its essence tangibly, here,
everything from apathy to ecstasy,
colors in that display.
Let us not hold back anything,
for it all is a reaching,
a call for, or an expression of
life experiencing itself through us.

How to show you the beauty, I see you be?
You will know in the moment of your release.
God sees you through all loving!
Through "all loving," God sees you, holds you.
Fall into that Embrace...

I can only love you and allow you on your journey.
We are always together.

You are very loved
Blessings on your journey
beloved one,
my dear, dear Grandmother...

Your grandson, Michael

Matisha ~ 9 November, 1998

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