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A year after my grandmother made her transition,
I sent this poem to my mother, (her daughter) and my father.

I Am Remembering A Woman

Today I am remembering a woman whose loving, pure heart
has always been a resonant song of beauty in my life,
like that of the birds that visited in her motherís garden.
A garden rich with wholesome presence,
the aroma of summerís flourishing everywhere,
reflections of loving attention and constant care.
She, like a flower was there waiting for me.
All I had to do was show up.

I am remembering,
where ever she was, there was always an abundance of kindness,
a simple grace, my motherís best friend.
The two of them in the kitchen for hours, making what we all love.
God, thank you for such mothers.
I love that I can feel with a fullness that overcomes me,
waves of emotion holding me with a constancy, clarity of loving,
her loving--it still lives through me,
ever-present in all of my days and nights.

I am remembering a gentleness in a human, one that I sometimes
long to bask in--its blessing smiles upon me now.
I remember her, and again I breathe a peacefulness
inside of all I feel, all that is happening.
She reminds me of my mother,
and I wonder if she really knows how I see her, so clear and true.

Even if I repeat myself, no matter...
or if I repeat myself,
it only means more of feeling
that grace in woman,
in these women, who have so much been a part of my life.

This brings me images of a woman,
who for me represented someone holy.
My fatherís mother--a sweet reminder,
an example of prayerful love and caring.
A strength behind those eyes...
I love our family!
I think so much often of each one.
I just love our family!

I am remembering a woman among women, who has touched me.
Each of their voices, like bells, ring out, encouraging, cheering me on.
I am remembering last year around this time,
just before my Grandmother's passing,
how I wished I could hold my mother,
comfort her, just be with her.
I feel you so deeply, mom.

I hope itís O.K. that I send this to you, my mother and father.
I wanted to share this moment,
its depth and preciousness with someone
and felt you would know just what Iím speaking of.

This night, I am remembering.
I am remembering a woman...
My dear, dear, Grandmother.

with you always,
your grandson

Matisha ~ December 2, 1999

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