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Love's Secret

When time melts away with the walls
we used to define where we could go
in a world yet to find a depth of love we know,
when the mind surrenders its last hold
on looking for and believing
what has never been--what relief.
Whisper it and the Sun inside us will burst forth
to shine throughout all longing,
all reaching, all time, and on and on.
When man in his stumbling posture,
lost in love's substitutes,
covered in pretense,
awakens-himself to face,
holding in his chest all denial embraced,
when all posturing of strength as harshness ceases,
when feeling is fully welcomed,
when his nurturing increases,
I'll know you have whispered it!

Let this be the night.
Whisper Love's Secret.
Many are listening.
Again, Oh yes!
Woman of our soul, command it so.
Clearer--even more stars now.
Each one,

One glistening...

Matisha ~ July 20, 1998
2000 Matisha

Poem by MatishaOf Our Grandmother/Mother/Friend

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