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I Gave You This Gift

I gave you this gift, the gift of song,
the ability to write the words that become
your map to here, from everywhere you have journeyed.
This gift you have been given to make music
from tightly stretched strings across wood.
I gave you this gift to sing your inner most soul song.

What turn did you take that had you make work out of
something that can only be "played"?
You have the ability to bring the formless
beauty of essence out for all to behold,
to capture each heart and return it brighter, to its owner.
With all of this, oh rich one,
how do you choose to be with blessings such as these?
If ever you may not hear the cheers a part of you may want
take it as a sign that your gratitude wants to grow.
The rest will grow along.
I gave you this gift,
I know you wouldn't use any thought to stand between
your seeing My Light and your shining as the same.
I know the friend you are to others;
with yourself be that way and see
how you are always waking closer to Me.
I know you will use this gift
to bring yourself out of this habitual amnesia.
You know your sensitivity and wakefulness
is the bridge between what you want
and what a part has believed it didn't have.
It is bridge to so much more...
If you want a response from others
that is as dazzling as your gifts, Love Master,
breathe yourself bigger and show them how,
how to is in your song!
Stay with us, you belong.
Tell us everthing that has driven you sad.
Forgive yourself if we laugh
because we see you and know you better.

Matish ~ 16 July, 2003

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2003 Matisha

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