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My Heart Wants You to Know

My heart wants you to know something.
I have felt a deep, deep encouragement from you,
to be myself and love more fully in my life.
I want you to know how deeply you have touched
places in me that felt hope and hopelessness,
places which have been covered-over
where my soul only longed to feel what I have with you.
I know no agenda or form for our love,
I only know it cannot be lost to time or tide,
in an ocean of living all loving.

My heart wants you to know how deeply I care for you.
It is as if we grew up in the same home,
just with different parents.
I cannot give up on myself
even if you or anyone else seems to have.
I see now, I called you to me to remind me
of something I had forgotten,
something more important to me
than I have shown. Gentleness.

Gentleness is what my heart wants to know from me.
It is what I have heard
you calling for--simply gentle, loving presence.
My call has echoed yours, has echoed mine...
That gentleness becomes
immensely more powerful as it is shared.

My heart wants you to know,
whatever you choose to believe,
I am so very grateful for your presence,
your touching at my core,
From now forward,
the wings of this heart
will stay outstretched--to ride the currents
which carry me to the ones I already know and love.
You, dear heart are one such soul.
I remember you--I am with you...

...and I thank Life ahead of time, for continuing to bless me
with a beauty, a kindness, a love so dear...

My heart wants you to know!

© 1998 Matisha

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