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The Song We Are

I am filled so fully
my every breath is laden
with the fragrance of your presence.
My heart pulsing in rhythm to a deeper song
one I believed I knew though,
in the moment of its first sounding
all I could do was look on and breathe
opening to the core,
realms to hold and unfold a listening,
a blessing most glistening and magnificent
in its lifting through me...

No one prepared me for this!
All my studies, practices, searching,
prayers and meditation, all service rendered
didn't prepare me for a loving so grand!

Beloved You, oh Beloved one before me,
within me--I am listening to that Song;
listening to the Song we are
in the moments we touch...

Here, my heart, all I am as being,
immersed in living presence;
and the stars in the sky, a sparkling
of the gratitude in my heart.

The waves of all loving
have swept over the shores of all longing
and I am here, drenched in the presence
spiraling ever-deeper, ever-spiraling deeper
so fully, soulfully...this Embrace.

Beloved One here listening to the Song
we are the moment we touch...

2002 Matisha

Poem by MatishaAcross the Sea

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