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Ours of Loving...Hours of Loving

Wave after wave of light impulses firing
in all directions, meeting sound,
sound into breath, into words reaching to express
patterns of Crystalline BlesSings,
a showeRing of Essence Jewels
sparkling with Joy-Tones of Home...

Love-song of this moment moves out
arching a path between souls dreaming of another,
dreaming a distance.
A laughing song unfolds from within
in seeing the dream for what it is;
a humbled soul bows
in remembering deeper vows
lighter still, with every surrendered sound,
every surrendered breath
into slowest of vibration...the quickening.

Same song sung from across the chasm-dream
Hear this! Feel this!
Live this...we call from Self to self
around again, a circle within One vast Circling
Remember and give presence-breath to each song
within -- looking deeper with love,
and Love-vision is born
here in this world
Remember and know -- live Divine Design
in living this you and I...

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2002 Matisha
1 June, 2002

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