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Toward Essence

Open sky,
like mind yielding to thoughts of beauty.
Feelings taking over, waves of peace,
realms of grace born here
through every surrender and falling
into The Embrace holding all.
How I sometimes reach and reach for the truest feeling,
a sure knowing, a full living in that.
Immersing self in sacred melodies...
Emerging one, carried by each note in life's symphony.
Guiding heart, the one through which all have called.
An answer in your every breath toward essence.
Each note is life's symphony.

Gift in wholly feeling, deeply finding all-releasing.
All really sing their song fully,
so gracefully on the other side of measuring.
All attempts to separate only postpone
the celebration of awakening.
That gathering is for the living-wakeful though,
all are invited toward essence.

Each word, each phrase spoken reflects listening
and the listening is heard by heart and soul.
Evermore deeply, indescribable light is woven
throughout the realms of seen and unseen--trust,
in the darkness, a faith ever-present in believing,
camped out on the shore of unknown.
The willingness, a light unto each moment.
A dream of sleep and awakening
to become the one already here,
living toward essence...

Matisha ~ September 11, 2000
2000 Matisha

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