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The Law of Grace in This Place

The Law of Grace in This Place,

Dear Heart...

Rest for now as breaths of deepest Grace carry you
into that place where all possibilities reside.
In feeling alone, sometimes the motivation to reach out,
to reach in deeper and find what has been there all along.
It never left you, a loving so true, a caring so complete though,
you seemingly left that field where possibilities become positive abilities...
The Grace of God only needs a little "yes" to make itself known,
and you only need a little "Aaah" to make room for all
you have accummulated to fall into the compost pile
of the garden you forgot to tend
while there with another you thought to mend.
Love knows how, grows how and shows how...are you watching or believing you
are in control and that this outcome or that one is dependent on you?
One camp says it is, while the other laughs at such beliefs.
Have you forgotten that your allegiance to 'this and that'
is what brings 'this and that' into your experience?
A contradiction within everything in this world keeps the soul
moving-through to what is actually present here and now.
Are you?
Breathe and find and follow the answers shining within those questions.
There are those who appear to know...they give diagnosis and outcomes
with an authority that many give in to.
Remember this, everything spoken is an echo of what can be and all
that remains unspoken still lives for you to see
so very much more is coming to bless.
No human knows what is going to be in your life.
You decide...God is is every cell glistening
and reflecting what you are projecting.
How has what has come to pass,
made its way into your class?
What is truly your life lesson?
What choose you to be greater, to lessen?
Angels come when they are called
In truth they didn't leave at all.

The law of Grace
was lost in this place.
And here it remains...

Matish ~ 16 July, 2003

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2003 Matisha

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