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The Gift of You

Set to sounds so fully melodious, tears flow upon hearing.
Vastly radiant, as with the Sun casting diamond light
upon the water's surface,
becoming rays reaching toward the core.
Luminous like the caressing waves dancing with moonlight.
This Breathing in me, increased
to what was once over-capacity,
now a comfortable and welcomed stretch.

The fiery truth of your soul's passion more clear
with every stumble I find myself in the midst of
and at every closed door, yet another self
wanting in, wanting out.

What poetry within these souls,
in reaching for what we already hold
and are held within now.
My humanness in awe of the strength,
the purity, the Gift of you...

...and yet this little pushing-away
keeps me honest, acknowledging and humble
after seemingly contrary displays
from personality not invited to the party.

Who knows what will come next
but the one already on the way, already here.

Who knows the Gift of you?

There's a riddle in this poem for you
though, like so much in life
it may be hard to believe it's true
even though it was just spoken,
because of the
intricate synchronicity
and ultimate simplicity.

2003 Matisha

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