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All Are Invited

something to say.
There are not words
I have found as of yet,
that say it though, there
are tones, "the ones"
that come through
song from the
of heart.
Songs of Home that carry a resonance,
riding on a current, of ever-expanding presence,
Essence of Love made manifest here, in this world.
Every answered prayer woven into these tones...all calling,
all longing met in the "having," drawn by the richness of this
Magnetic Song.
All are invited, to be here in a faithfulness
that nurtures the seeds of innocent loving, hope,
of desire for connection, belonging and Home.
All are invited to remember family here,
to unfold and shed the deepest feelings.
To embrace and be embraced
in the fullness of all feeling.
Come with all you have
Come with all you have
carried upon your shoulders in life,
with all that has not felt the love,
with every part that lives it purely,
to meet the Self in you, in each one,
who knows "the calling" holds within it,
an answer...

Matisha ~ 5 November, 2000
2000 Matisha

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