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Dear Life

A beautiful soul I met and now I feel lonely
A part of me believed she was the only
one with whom I was to be
receiving comfort from her instead of me
I know the truth so clear in my mind
though, for years my practice has been of this kind
Shining for others, becoming bright when friends are near
living within the walls of my hidden fear
My fear wasnít hidden, my friends have told me
What I didnít know is that they could see
I thought my cleverness had fooled them all
What I found was another wall
My old belief: 'If I show myself genuinely, I wonít be loved'
My experience: 'If I donít show myself genuinely, I wonít "feel" loved'
Remember when you are with ones who love you
and you feel a resistance to say whatís true
And maybe a fear to be real creeps in
Remember, yours is the trust you need to begin
You can know the titles and words for your condition
It is still only you who can give you admission
to an ever-expanding life lived free
whether or not others choose to agree
The power lives in every breath you receive
Once you are touched the question is not "if" youíll believe
How will you be and what will you do
to give others the tools to help them break through?
People who choose this are drawn together, as they must
They live within the center of the "us" within trust
A shift in perception away from the automatic you will find
something much greater orchestrating this show than our little mind
Seeing life and all, as though all in life are loved
will bring you out of looking in ways toward which you were shoved
No, itís not about the victim, though this one does want attention
After giving love where love is due, this one will not need mention
So, very simply, with yourself you can begin
to be the very dearest friend of yours, again and again...

© 2002 Matisha

Poem by MatishaJourney

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