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Are You Listening?

The call of one in the wilderness
is heard here, in this city.
Few have taken the time to be taken
by effulgent moments ever-here,
just behind the veil.
Remember or know, the discomfort,
the times of unrest and inner turmoil
are a call for you to embrace.
Let simplicity be the connecting lines
between soul and personality,
this world and that one.

What is the call within these emotions?
What is the message?

No need to answer the question, "How are you?"
to those not listening?
Are you listening?
The question is: "How are you, with how you are?"
Here, the deeper truth is known
and a deeper grace is shown.

Your friends receive great care
and acknowledgement from you
in their moments of calling out.
Are you listening?
One is calling,
calling you back where you love to be.

Others know your precious heart
and the gifts that abundantly flow through it.
The deeper call is for remembrance and action.
Let your secret selves out to see
how sweetly they are loved and love.

The deeper call is for return.
Are you listening?
Are you coming?...

2002 Matisha

Poem by MatishaDear Life

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