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To the dreamers in the world,
stay awhile and make your mark
for your kind words of vision are seeds of hope,
your caring to live with love and daring
are nourishing for a humanity habitually
fearing a deeper look at itself.
The plight of most individuals until recently--thatís changing.
What brings fear to look deeper at ourselves?
One thing is not enough time and energy
focussed on cultivating an inner connection and union
with a Greater Love, Essence of Life, Spirit...
If one believes this physical life is all there is,
hope can be an elusive thing.
And if one has an inner life, even then the threshold
between the worlds is paper thin...
The preciousness of this moment with yourself,
the ones you love, the ones you are just now meeting,
glances, words, touching, silence--all so precious.
Be a living stream through which all of life can flow on and on,
and on...

All of us on a journey.
All of us choosing how and where we will be
on that journey...

© 2002 Matisha

Poem by MatishaThe One Love

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