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Across the Sea

Across the sea
there is the Friend
watching and listening
so close as your breath...

Piece by piece, remove the coverings
layer by layer, free yourself
from what only holds you down.
You know the holding you want is
the touch of a loving friend.

Across the sea
silence carries your every word,
sound and sigh become song--
the music of soul, understood by every heart.

Oh these heights, these depths
and the pains of being human!
Show me Beloved,
how each sensation is another texture
forming the bridge between soul and personality.

When will I outgrow the patterns and molds
I have been so fond of disliking?
The very things I have pushed away
have pulled me in,
like a part of myself that
won't accept a "no,"
keeps coming back
for the acceptance it chooses to know.

Across the sea
here with us,
you and I are that Friend.

2002 Matisha

Poem by MatishaA Glimpse of the Beloved

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