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A Glimpse of the Beloved

I saw you today, walking gracefully
along the road though, you appeared
as though you were going to receive an award.
Your gliding step, inspiring to behold.
Your soft face, pleasant, blessing gaze
and those shining eyes...Aaah!
My breathing pattern changes every time!

What is it that has such a grip on me
within your countenance, your beauty,
where I forget what to say;
so much I want to say though,
with you standing there before me,
I was only able to look on,
in amazement.

I passed on by you, after only a simple greeting
then, realizing "who" I had just passed,
I turned around quickly to meet you.
You had disappeared.
Stupefied, finding my breath--
I asked, "What was that?!

...a glimpse of the Beloved

2002 Matisha

Poem by MatishaAlways Living to Love

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