Breathing the sweetest possibilities...Ecstasy Breathing ~ Reunion of Being & Feeling

The Ecstasy Breathing Experience

A Reunion of Being & Feeling


A Dolphin-Infused, expansive, initiatory experience

empowering one to access deeper, direct union with Source.

An opening to experience ourselves as pure energy beings!


The Ecstasy Breathing Experience involves:

* Meeting our Full Selves

* Expanded Breath

      a) Dolphin Breathing

      b) Spherical Breathing

      c) Connected Breathing

      d) Magnetic, Moving Breath

* Movement

* Dancing

* Ceremonial Movement

* A Unique Group Experience *

Opening us to:

Breathe in the blessing it is to live...

A more grounded, aligned presence in our bodies

An experience of our own magnetic presence

Integrating the changes in our lives

A deeper and clearer view of Self

Greater intuitive awareness

Clearer Perspective on life

The Essence of Home

Living from our core

A Greater



This is a three to four hour unfolding of passionate presence.

This experience is for those who are joyfully serious about
choosing to live life with more presence, passion and purpose.


"The Ecstasy Breathing Experience with Matisha, was the most profound experience of Light and Presence I have ever felt in my body. It became a regular activity at my retreats."

G. S. - International author, healer and facilitator of Healing Retreats.

Ecstasy Breathing - A Call

Ecstasy Breathing for Expansion - Reunion of Being & Feeling

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