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"Matisha’s music has opened my heart many times.   What his songs convey is always perfect for what I am experiencing at the time."

Gary Zukav, author: The Seat of the Soul, The Dancing Wu Li Masters and Soul Stories."

"Matisha's music moves me in a big way.   His music pours forth from the depths of his heart and transforms any audience.   Bask in it!"

Alan Cohen, author: The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Joy Is My Compass, Dare To Be Yourself, A Deep Breath of Life and several others.

"Dear Matisha,
I met you at a party in Mt. Shasta.  I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your music.   Love All The Way has been played over and over and over - I love the energy that radiates from your voice and the music is beautiful.  I have one other tape that I love as much as Love All The Way - you have a beautiful voice that touches my heart.  Glad to hear from you and to know what you are doing.  I visited your site and just love it."

Love, S

S.S. - International Author of books on Personal Growth & Spirituality - California

Healing Story
The Winter of 2000

"Hello and greetings. Thank you so much for the songs at Wesak. I did not receive any other e-mail but my computer seems to do that of late. You don't know how true Song Of Home is to me since Wesak. I am at home in my body and can see out of my eyes and know I am home for the first time since either I was born or before that even. Your music is so good. I only have the one CD, Eyes Of Home, but now more than ever does the music ever ring clear for me. It was beautiful before but now it really has meaning for me. I first heard the Eyes Of Home at a full moon ceremony and knew I must have the music.------------As I told you at Wesak my brother had a stroke and a heart attack. When he was in the hospital in a coma I began to do Reiki on his feet sending energy to him the on the only part of his body that I could reach. The head nurse and others worked on him and I could not get any closer. They could not bring his high blood pressure under control so that is when I began silently doing Reiki on his feet. Your songs began to come into my mind as I worked on my brother. After a long time working on him and hearing the Eyes Of Home play in my head, I heard that it was up to him to do the rest of the work. I leaned over before I left and told him he could hear me that it was now up to him and God . I told him I was going home it was time for him to come home. I left then and they said he woke up not long after I left. The music that played in my head sounded like I had a CD player right there with me. I am sure no one else heard it but I know I heard the Eyes Of Home. God Bless you and your music. I am sure others will have many healing stories to tell as you record more songs. I even got a poem from Wesak and have submitted it to Poetry.com on the Internet. My other poems are there as well. If you have time maybe you might want to look at some of them."

"I forgot the truly amazing part of my story about my brother. He was without oxygen for over 5 minutes by the time his daughter and wife got him to the hospital. They live in a very rural area. The blood pressure did come down when I stroked his feet and your song came to mind. He is up walking, talking normal, has all the use of his limbs and is a miracle. I am not sure he really knows what a miracle happened to him. I do not share these things with him because he is not a believer. I have problems with my husband as well because he is not open to believing in miracles. He really does not like your music but I play it anyway hoping someday he too can see beauty and hear it as well."

Love and Light

G.Z. - South Carolina

Dear Matisha,
"I had the opportunity to listen to your music and I was charmed by your voice. It's sparkling and as bright as the Light itself. I also appreciate the subjects of your lyrics. I'm happy when I see another person that works to raise consciousness about the beauty and the fragility of our planet. Thank you for this."
with love,

A.T. - Singer - Quebec, Canada

Dear Matisha,
"There aren't words that can express the joy and gratitude I feel in my heart when I hear your music-ONE--is probably as close a description as I can think of.
Your music has been playing nonstop since I got home- I can't stop- I take it in the car, go to sleep to it, wake up to it, think about it- use it, recommend it- live it-this CD is so incredible- I want to shout it from the mountain top! :) I'm not the only one who feels this way-and I wanted to share this email I received with you."
Love and hugs,

K.S. - North Carolina

Hi K,
"I keep playing and playing and playing Matisha's CD and my heart gets huge and I feel like crying.....he has outdone himself this time. I thank you again for the gift of this cd. It is perfect for the rainy days that have been here in Miami and for an expanding heart. The love available is so big and so available. i am grateful and humbled....."

my love to you - Aaaaaaaaaa

T.D. - North Carolina

Dear Matisha,
"I wanted to express my gratitude for your beautiful music. The first night of Wesak, when you performed your first two songs, I really connected. I felt my heart open and the feeling part of me say hello as tears flowed from my eyes. Your voice is really pure and full of heart and spirit. It seems to soar effortlessly and the energy of it directly heartfelt and invoking. It's a powerful attunement to heart, love, beauty, essence, and that vulnerablility within that is the oneness. The music is very gentle, sweet, moving, and loving. And the lyrics really reflect the depth and simplicity of essence. It's a wonderful experiential reminder for me, because it is impossible not to love myself and the world while listening to your music. After returning from Wesak, your music helped me in processing the experience and to bring the energies home with me." Thank you so much.

Love and light,

J.C. - California

"It was four years ago that I went to your event. That was truly a special experience for me. I was there with both my mother and father. It was particularly unusual for my father to participate in anything that could be classified as spiritual, so I know that divine guidance had a hand in getting him to your event. You and your music not only touched my heart deeply, but you touched my father's heart. He spends much of his time closed off from unconditional love and acceptance and that evening I saw his protective shell crack open and loving energy seep into his being. I saw my father soften. Though I, myself, was deeply moved by my own experience of your music and the Sufi dancing, the night goes down in my history book for seeing a side of my father that is most often hidden." "Please do let me know if you'll be having an event in June. I'd like to come. I enjoyed your dolphin pictures and the interactive elements to your site."

Love and light to you,

C.M. - California

Dear Matisha,
"Don and I were married on 11/11/1996 in Massachusetts. At the wedding reception, we had the traditional "first dance" as a married couple. We chose "Love All The Way" as the music for that first dance. So many people at our wedding were truly amazed by this song. It is one of our most treasured moments, and you helped to make it so wonderful by writing and singing such a profoundly loving and beautiful song. Thank you with all my heart."

Sincerely and with love,

T. L.

T.L. - East Coast

Aloha Matisha!

"Long time no see...almost 3 years! I wasn't sure how to get a hold of you these days, so I thought I'd try e-mail. About 4 or 5 months ago, I had a dream (or experience) that I was dying and leaving my body...to the sound of your voice. I couldn't see anything with my eyes, just pure consciousness with my heart. You were singing a song into me that I don't think has been written yet and I couldn't even tell you what it sounded like or what the words were...but the more I listened, the further I could feel my energy being pulled toward it. I wasn't flying, but expanding into my Being, or my True Self. It has changed my life forever and I know when I die, it WILL be your voice I hear!

We met when Eric was dying, and I know I was meant to meet you then. I also know that it was your music that saved his heart while his brain gave up the fight. We made sure your music played while he rested in a coma for a while before moving on. He took his last breath to the sound of your voice. Maybe everyone should put that request in their will!! Thank You again, Matisha."

Take Care. God Bless.

K. - California

"The other day I was sitting with a patient/friend at Hospice care center. This was my second visit with her, the first one was a remembrance of heart "being". I held her close as she relaxed into my arms, while we inhaled "here" and exhaled, "now". I shared my stories about you and the love Gary and I have for you. She asked if I would put on your CD, so I did. As she listened, her eyes filled with tears, she told me of how she always had this fascination with "older" people. She just never thought that she would get to be one. We kept breathing together, listening to you, feeling what your heart shares, looking deep within each others eyes. A smile filled her face, her whole essence. She had never heard anyone like you and was so thankful to have experienced you before she left her last breath behind. She is just 2 years older than myself. I extended my hands with the warmth of my heart, embracing with love and gentle caring.

Sure hope you make it to our part of the world, under the spreading Oak trees and night blooming Jasmine. Come relax in the moment and share in the presence of Peace."

All One Breath

G.W. - Florida

"The beauty and power of Ishq Allah is my favorite. Your spiritual heights and musical talents --so grand and inspiring--sometimes shyness fortakes me."


"Matisha's co-creations are a dance and interplay of loving ONE-ness directly from the ONE Heart. He stirs truth, love and understanding from the depths of your being as it joyfully wells up in a very real way. I am moved beyond words by this great spirit! This is sacred magic in the ancient knowing, a rare experience indeed."

M.K. - Australia

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