Breathing the sweetest 
possibilities...Ecstasy Breathing

The Ecstasy Breathing Experience

A Dolphin-Infused Reunion of Being & Feeling

Ecstasy Breathing -- an expansive, initiatory experience
empowering us to access deeper, direct union with Source.
An opening to experience ourselves as pure energy beings!

Love will meet you on the other side of trust.
You may not know what to do or how. You are not expected to know.
Be willing to let go of the known, surrender the little self,
which you may have identified with so long you’ve mastered feeling little.
Breath gives life...expanded breath brings passion.
Any confusion is the result of a lack of passion and purpose.
All confusion falls away in the presence of sacred breathing.

How great is the intensity of your willingness through the surrender
to embrace and trust what life holds for you?
Immense and many are the gifts for those ones who say, "Yes!"
to a an ever-unfolding, grander vision which is becoming
the new realm.

Centered Presence
Centering Open Presence
Offering Surrendered Presence
Unfolding Integrated Presence
Living Unified Presence
Aligning in Loving Essence

The Dolphin consciousness is ushering in for humanity,
a golden age of reunion with all aspects of creation.
In the expansive resonance of their song
many of us are awakening and remembering
family in the ones we are meeting.

© 2000 Matisha

Ecstasy Breathing

About Ecstasy Breathing

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