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Presence Returns Memory

Beloved One, see through any part
that attempted to make the insignificant, significant.
See through this see-through self;
to the heart, it is obvious what we really want.
See through the anger that has turned on itself;
it is a caring that wasn't allowed
to simply express as that, long ago.

The reasons don't matter, except to the one who covers
their true desire, extending from the memory of Home.
See through everything, so that no matter how loud
one yells, how intensely they show they don't want love,
what they say to or about you,
you will remain true to shining your genuine presence.
Oh see how all of this is helping you to be stronger
than the little one inside who wants company in believing
something that is no longer true.

In time, all who once ran from the sweetness of an embrace
will --when they find the chance-- be in the front of the line
to breathe as one with the clear beam at the center.

See through the me you have come to know,
to who I am,
to the one you touch and bring out
from a depth, through a tenderness so natural
though, once covered by the choice to "protect"
what has sustained so much that it has grown
new wings and stands here before us
as the part we know to be the self
we have been looking for, the self we pushed away.

See through the you you have come to know,
to who you are,
precious one calling me Home...

See how it comes back holding nothing in the way
of love being expressed,
holding everything in the way a mother does,
with the knowing that all is experience, and leads
back to reclaiming what was lost in the dark
of a moment where we "fell out of the feeling"
of being held by love, power and wisdom,
breathing that to be our essence.
...Already true, presence returns memory.

2004 Matisha

Poem by MatishaThrough Love's Window

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