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A Vast Place

Beautiful soul, that you are here reading this,
says at the very least, a part of you is ready
to listen to life and her many messengers.
That you feel what you do, becomes a reminder
of what is truly important.
Listen and follow...
The world may not tell you the truth though,
it will show you yourself, everytime.

Your inside is asking you to follow your breathing,
follow your sounding sighs
to the place where ever-expansive skies
hold you now.
Memory returns when you Breathe that Big!

Slow down if you need to...there is space
in this moment for that.

Beautiful one, we all cry for you
as you feel and want what we do.
Have the ones you call friend
"shown" you how being here with yourself IS enough?!
We all love with you...

If you have found the embrace
where you find you can simply be,
where are you going now?
The map is in how you Breathe.

Here's a linear depiction:
Breath sound movement stillness = *Clarity* = presence dance song Breathing
Read from right to left as well as from left to right.

God made it simple for us,
in a vast place like this,
to get lost in appearances
and find ourselves again and again
in each one...
in a vast place like this.


2004 Matisha

Poem by MatishaPresence Returns Memory

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