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Welcome Home

We have this night -- this night together,
to touch and bring back what has been with us all along,
yet dormant like seeds in the winter beneath frozen ground.
Many have forgotten and turned away from
an answered prayer in form.

How would ones asleep know when the Call
has been sounded?
For many, even while asleep, a listening ever-present.
For others, a wake up call that shakes to the core.
Each one's choosing...the force aligning outcome.

Spring has come, this river flows with great power,
a magnetism, a silent prayer to feel and live a love so grand.
Drawn here, carried on invisible, spiraling currents
into these arms, looking in eyes
shining the blessing ways of Union.

How much can we call back?
How much of ourselves returns with each glance?
Do you know the answer if within the quest?
Do you know the answer is within the quest?
Your belly houses wisdom of thousands.

Don't tell me it's possible.
Your eyes here, is all the proof.
Come!  Tomorrow won't have a today like this
without our embrace.

Welcome Home, ever so precious one...

Matisha ~ 10 August, 1999
1999 Matisha

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