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Magnetism Asks No Questions

We know there is nothing like the feeling
we have as we look on at The Friend,
alive in this world, living next to us.
Nothing like this touch, that kiss,
this rhythm, our bliss.

Longing led us to each other, where we met
at the crossroads of "ready" and "not ready."
Magnetism asks no questions.
Like water from a cup
we were poured...into each other.

Looking this moment, in your eyes,
listening--nothing is being spoken
as minds meet understanding,
hearts remember compassion.
My silent prayer I give you now...

Let us meet at the crossroads
where loving and harmony meet in us,
our deepest and most constant "Yes!"

Matisha ~ 7 January, 1998
1999 Matisha

Poem by Matisha, from The EmbraceYou Will Laugh to See