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Oh Grandfather!

Oh grandfather! I hear you calling.
Many memories echo through your voice.
I can see the land we walked together,
smell the flowers, feel the breeze against my body,
solid ground , open sky and warm Sun
giving radiance--its life to my soul.

Oh grandfather! I hear your voice,
like a gentle hand it leads me on to live
Great Spiritís Design in this world of changes.
I see the faces of my people looking on,
as if waiting to see how I will be during this time
of truthís reckoning and great sifting.
Each face, encouraging, strong, steady--comes to me
in each star of the night sky.

Oh grandfather! That song is my life--my greatest love
and sometimes the only thing that can reach me.
I know you are with me now,
as I move through the veils of separation and fear.
Keep singing! Keep shining to remind me the shadows
show exactly how and where I have been living and not living.
They show me how and where I have blocked the light
in its full rising through me.

Oh grandfather! Home is where you are--I am.
We dance, drum and sing to call our people together.
Oh Grandfather! I am with you again!
Oh Grandfather! I am singing
with You again!

© 2002 Matisha

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