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The Nightingale of Your Soul

There is great power in listening,
the kind of listening that remains open
when a loved one is crying,
complaining about how you've been
with them or not been with them.
Many words flow forth in that rambling though,
a simple communication is given:
that one, lost in 'forced sounds'
often times hasn't been feeling important,
significant and loved the way her heart knows love to dance
when two have joined in this dream.
What is this friend showing you about yourself?
What are you showing them?

Irreverence has a great teaching,
when it comes from a reverent heart:
relax, let down the stiff armor
that only protects one from free movement.
The nightingale of your soul
has become wearied by such carrying.
Come out of that cage and let that old self die
in the song never before sung,
and searched for by everyone...

Matisha ~ 16 November, 2001
2001 Matisha

Poem by Matisha, from The EmbraceMore Than a Reflection

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