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As I sit here I am filled with a depth of love and joy I have only known from two things: Receiving delight in giving love... and feeling the immensity of Love God has for me and for all creation.

This scene of me sitting on the edge, surrounded only by a vast sky, dancing clouds, and a Presence Alive throughout; some might think this a lonely scene. No way to be lonely while "feeling" held by a Love so Grand as that of our Creator...

My job, my function, my greatest joy, my natural purpose in being... to express, radiate, translate, to give the gift of a Presence so Vast, incomprehensible to the human being, to sing the One Song born through every voice uttering echoes of Love's Heart... to bridge this world with all heavenly realms for souls in despair and unaware to find and feel "Home" in their every breath of life... to bridge the unseen with the seen, Essence with you, here in this world... To hold the Vision of God, for this earth and the most tender of her children...

To touch and nurture the parts of you that are calling,
that only need love and encouragement to blossom
so this garden dances too -- with the beauty of you!

Looking deeper opens us to living deeper...

Matisha ~ 2000
2000 Matisha

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