Poem by Matisha, from The EmbraceWhen You Are Here I Sing...

Into The Embrace

If you ever hear this song from my soul
and the sound lands upon your shore.
If the sight of this love in all its colors
dances its way into your heart and more.
When the touch of the Beloved awakens your deepest self
and your sweetest dream makes its way into your living.
When the waves of all experience have converged
upon the shores of all potentiality...

Every cry, every sound, every sigh,
all notes in the song of One.
Every touch, every feeling, every look,
all color...the work of art, soul is to that One.

If you ever hear the silent song
my eyes sing in your presence.
If you ever feel a need for love beyond all of this,
give every breath to feeling,
every breath, into The Embrace!

Matisha * February, 1997
© 1999 Matisha
(from The Embrace)

Poem by Matisha, from The EmbraceI Remember

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