Poem by Matisha, from The EmbraceInto The Embrace

I Remember

Who are you that watches me?
Through light-filled eyes my soul you see
and with some surprise echo the timeless words
"I remember you"
Spoken with tones of knowing you speak for both of us
For aeons, the same Call resounds through us
in the colors of emotion from apathy to ecstasy
We have longed for the living of free-domain...
Loving acceptance, compassion and boundless joy
With each glance a thousand years of living is revealed
We came according to a plan
Closer now...
With each breath -- a touch
And a thousand years of hurts are healed
Soul-tones of Home are sounded
In this we say, "I Remember"
We have been together -- always
And again we gather to look in the mirror of the One
To feel deeper in our core The Essence of One
We sing through the dissolving of all we have known
Remembering each other in this form
Remembering Home
We have awakened in this play of light and shadow
remembering our celestial origins
We have come to this place and together we return
Riding the waves of light sounding through form
I know you as my Self
In the Heart of The One

Matisha ~ 26 April, 1994
1994 Matisha


Poem by Matisha, from The EmbraceOh Friend!

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