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I feel overwhelmed at times
when I see these beloved ones
whom I recognize immediately.
We have danced and celebrated in those
times gone by.
We agreed to return here,
to touch once again
in grand and beautiful ways.

To behold your face, as I did this evening;
what a surprise to see you.
I could look at you for days and days
for nights upon nights.
Sometimes I wonder, if on a human level,
you remember, remember who we are?

How much do I remember?
How much do you remember?

On a human level I feel overcome with
desire to be close to you -- to live the song
we dream of until we awaken here.
Then, I breathe the remembrance that all of this
is part of the spiraling dance ever closer...

Closer. Hmmm.
I breathe it...
...I breathe it so!

Matisha 25 May, 1999
2001 Matisha

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