Deep breaths of the essence you choose to feel...

A suggestion: Make some signs that are reminders/anchors of being your full Self and allowing yourself fully. A sign that simply says, "Breathe" is one of my favorites and may be a useful sign for you or someone you know. In the environment where "expressing" what we really feel may not be appropriate, the Breathe sign is very helpful...when we do it more fully. Of course we all breathe. "How" we breathe affects us greatly. Creating playful, fun signs adds a spark to a moment that otherwise might have been common. Place them where you will see and "notice" them often. Move the signs often so they draw your attention. When you notice them, breathe deeply and align consciously with the quality/qualities represented by the sign.

Keep sign in a place you will see it.
Keep sighin' into the parts of self that call for Vision, to "see."
(I am being playful here.)

As you follow your breathing,
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