Deep breaths of the essence you choose to feel...

I connect in the Heart of Loving Essence.
My life and expressions are expressions of that connectedness,
an extension of that dynamically peaceful presence.
All I am is filled
with the crystalline radiance of Love's Purity, Passion and Presence.
I am the outpouring and inpurring Presence of the Beautiful One.
As that, my seeing is vision, beholding all as the immensity of Life's Loving.
My life and all my relations are opportunities to attune and retune my being
to the Song of Love from the core of essence,
to continue purifying, clarifying and qualifying my presencing
here in this world as an expression of all-inclusive love.
I accept the gift of being here and give all I am
to the out-picturing of Divine is already so.

Love asks no questions, as all currents of all streams and rivers
only move to that place of Union...
May we all align and realign with what is,
always was and forever will unfold to be...

As you live from the heart of Loving Essence,
follow your breathing deeper
and follow the links to the Essence Alignments...

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