Poem by MatishaGratitude Prayer for Purpose

Prayer of Living Thanks

Dear Beloved Creator, One God,
One Love of All, Divine Essence Within All That Is...

We open ourselves on every level
of our beings to breathe presence,
genuine presence.
Thank you for all the experiences,
Thank you for everything...
Thank you for giving us the capacity
to use all of the moments with which
we are blessed...everything that comes
our way...
Let us use these to heal, to strengthen,
to move deeper into the Heart of God,
the One Heart...to live Divine Design...
Thank you for the availability of all
that is required for us to live this and more.
Thank you for the clear memory that keeps us
aligning and realigning every moment,
any moment if that is necessary in order to feel
and live in the Truth and the Love of Sweet Union
in the Heart of God!

Thank You for the presence of heart, presence of mind
that directs us; Divine Mind, Divine Heart,
Divine Presence that Directs us, lifts us up
and holds us no matter what we do,
what we think or believe.

Thank You, Dear God for Being
Ever So Present and Evident
in our experience. And Thank You
for the clear memory that gives us
the knowing and clarity of mind
to acknowledge if we have run-off
with a little separation-plan and
attempted to pass-it-off as something
worthy of our attention or Yours.
Thank You for the clarity of mind
that gives us this appreciated awareness.

Thank You, Dear God
for every moment and every breath,
for all the Divine Attributes
You Give us that keep us centered
or help us re-center, re-align and
continue to move deeper, deeper
into Love, Great Thanks,
Beloved One...Dear God!

Matisha ~ July, 2009
© 2009 Matisha


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