Poem by MatishaAt Least Two Ways to See

Closer You Are

Oh my Dear Heart,

Our love won't leave me alone.
It follows me everywhere...or so I thought,
then I return to my senses and realize, it leads me everywhere.
Oh our love...once I have returned from all that
mind-wandering and belief-fashioning ways of lost love
I begin to breathe again, the way I do
when my favorite fragrance holds me against the Beloved's Sweet Heart.
All living flows from this place...
All giving grows from this Space of Love.

Do you know the clearest utterance of the Holy One's Name
is here as a way of sliding into the Silence
and becoming drenched in the Golden Nectar of Home!?
Do you know you and I have done this so many times before?
The parts that stir to awaken the one inside our humanness
who has believed it needed to control
or believed it was controlled,
arrived in that neighborhood of belief
through a belief in separation from Source,
which is as impossible for the glow
to be separate from the Light.

When your heart has spoken
and it seems your soul has been broken,
closer you are to the Immensity of that

Matisha ~ 22 January, 2009
© 2009 Matisha


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