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...being with you is a delight
a relight for my soul
for all of me

lying beside you was a hope and a dream
a rare night has that been
the sweetest embrace

i'm feeling sentimental
loving us and wanting more
born of that
my heart knows/believes it will come
is coming is here
though "off" seems to be more of a challenge
than i choose
so i'm here hoping to meet you half-way
you've already come that far and then some
here hoping to meet you half-way
and go all the way

two who have journeyed far
must journey to an undetermined point
and like magic meet in the place
where measuring no longer meets with desire
where desire IS the wave that carries us
into the living dream

truly the magic is made of
all into which we breathed life
all from which we received life's loving

i don't know
other than
letting this heart lead always
puts me in the seat of power
in your arms
within your gaze
carressed by your breath
and sighs of longing met by loving

hold me
holding you
feel you feeling Home
however where ever whenever you can
Home Beloved!

if i am less than graceful and clear
please know one thing clearly
i am just beneath what might be noticeable
with a quivering heart full of willingness to touch
the precious sacred within
timid at times we can be
we take turns reaching out
to each other
reaching in

inspire conspire
we are

a poet lives inside
not always clever rhyming or smooth
though very much in loving you
loving in this

Matisha ~ 17 March, 2006 (10:10 PM)
2006 Matisha

Poem by MatishaBeing with You

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