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At Least Two Ways to See

The look in your eyes tonight
told the story, the whole story
for so many of us these days.
We are all feeling it,
while wondering at times,
what "it" is?

Another breath amidst it all
to empower the dive-deeper.
Is there a thought in the way, on the way
that hints at a lack of patience
for the unfolding of the spirit within
to express without
having to go through the same
labyrinth of mirrors?

What is the design of a life with the same pattern
repeating itself repeatedly?
Who made those vows we spoke
with hearts open and lips closed?
Where is that one I knew inside
whose innocence and faith was so complete
it bridged the gap between today and a day
somewhere off in the future,
when I would not only breathe easy about all this,
I'd actually laugh at how I played...getting caught-up
with myself in life's situations?

Yes, there are always at least two ways
to see something...on a slow day.

© 2006 Matisha

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