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Our Dear Family

It is happening.
I saw it as a child in my dreams.
A memory of what has yet to come.
It is unfolding here in this world now.
Our Dear Family:
You are so precious, one of many, one of a kind!
May your search be as joyful and love-filled
as the actual "living" of your sweetest dreams...
May you touch and be in this world with a presence,
ever so conscious of Union with the Beloved.

2000 Matisha

Prayer of Family

Family is a most precious gem,
a shining gift-brilliance seen and felt throughout all life.
A song within all songs.
Family is the nectar essence of flower,
Love made visible,
a tangible, living expression
of what words only reach to touch.
I am touched evermore deeply
with each breath
that graces my being...
I am inspired.
I am held in the shimmering sound of Loving Essence.
I echo, it's melody with my living here.
May I touch and be graced to bless
as I am blessed by your giving here.
Through the Grace of God we journey on...

I am loving you and loving with you!

October 8, 2000
2000 Matisha

These prayers are for everyone who chooses to use them.
Share them as you feel.
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