A Gratitude Prayer for Peace

Light of Love
Essence of Loving
Presence of Everlasting Peace
In deep gratitude we are open
to living more powerfully and tangibly,
the union of all that is--The One Loving Presence in form.
It is from this gratitude that the way always remains open
for more and more giving and living kindness.
We are grateful for life's gentle reminders, keeping us aware.
We breathe it so.
In moments when it hasnít been gentle,
we give thanks for the clarity of mind
and freedom of being
which brings us to listen and follow
the deeper Voice for Love within..

We breathe it as so.
We awaken with joy and anticipation inside
of a day lived with all of this being expressed outside.
We offer praise and love through our perceptions.
We rest in breathing that we are renewed to do it all again.
Essence of Peace is alive through all of our giving and receiving.
What an immense gift this is, our living together
as expressions of One Vast Being,
One Radiant Presence,
One Love...
We live in gratitude...
One soul loved, many lives touched.

Matisha ~ October, 1998
© 1998 Matisha


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