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Prayer of Alignment

Beloved Presence of One, with this breathing as our constant conversation,
I know when "it is clear," my every heart's desire, is in alignment with Divine Design.
It is clear.
This moment, I am blessed by a tangible, palpable touch that frees any part,
which may have still believed in an unfolding other than Love's most gracious living.
It is clear.

I give thanks that The One Will expresses through my will,
in accordance with my surrendering into the Greater Plan.
I am surrendering.
I give thanks that The One Will expresses through all.
Even more, Divine Design holds in its crystalline matrix,
the full surrender of all lifetimes, through integration,
the ever-flowing current of being, revealed,
all calling met--the fully unfolding mystery,
in embracing the Vast, One Loving Will.
Breathing in and out...that One reuniting of all...

My inspiration comes from the Central Core of Loving Essence,
received as waves of presence that wash over all I Am,
all that is...and my awakening is the claiming-choice of awareness
expressed as living praise, gratitude and love for this life, all life!

I now look upon my humanness as a bridge between
what I have dreamed and what I have accepted.
I accept all blessings through harmonious activity,
through the richness of experience that unfolds in my life
as an endless stream of answered prayers.
All of my receiving, reflective of One, so complete and total in Giving,
that current evermore alive through me.
I rest in each breath, in the deepest nurturing.

The strength of Presence I receive, gives me courageousness in the face of all I meet.
I meet all with a fullness of presence within Presence.
I breathe it so.
As golden rays of our living Sun bring the encoded Light Songs of Home,
our every feeling, all the way down to the slowest of vibration,
the most covered-over aspects, this raising of each breath
brings all longing into the heart of having,
all having through the heart of the giving.

...all seeming separation,
all dreaming separation, dissolves in this breathing Home...

Matisha ~ 10 October, 2000
2000 Matisha

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