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A Gratitude

Dear Love,

Lift from the core of my being and throughout
anything that could be contrary
to my total illumination in this form.
Purify all of my desires
that they be used
to bring about the union of Oneness
which has always been.
Expand my vision of the vastness
I have only known
in my imagining.
That imagining takes me
to a depth where I am honed
to be a clear instrument
through which Love’s Voice,
Life’s Song
expresses ever more sweetly and passionately.
I always end up with
a gratitude on my tongue.
A gratitude which carries me
to a place deep inside,
where only the silence echoes a song
for which my soul
becomes the harmony.

Matisha ~ 25 August, 1996
© 1996 Matisha

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